We are kitch, delivery-
focused cloud kitchen, and store-front  operator.

We are the first hybrid, delivery-focused cloud kitchen and store-front operator in the region with a mission to modernise the F&B industry and take the cloud-kitchen concept to the next level

The only hybrid operator in the region

About us

Low risk yet highly profitable business model

What we do
Our Funding: Privately raised capital of US$15 million
Our Kitchens: 4 in Riyadh in Q1 2021 | 15 additional across GCC in 2021
Size: Our modular kitchens vary in size between 18 and 21 SqM/kitchen, with each site containing between 8 and 14 kitchens
760 million people ordered food online in 2020, this is expected to reach over 821 million in 2021.
The global cloud kitchen market size was valued at $43.1bn in 2019 and is estimated to reach $71.4bn by 2027.
The MENA  market was worth $3 billion last year. The UAE and Saudi Arabia alone account for close to $2 billion of that.
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